We love where we live in Devon and Cornwall. We grew up here. Our firm – and often our people too – were born and raised in the South West. This is, and will always be, our home.  Nick Sprague from Cobell Limited shares what he loves about Devon and Cornwall.

1. Which is your favourite beach in Devon or Cornwall?

Widemouth Bay

2. Where is the best place for a cream tea in Devon or Cornwall?

Bovey Castle

3. Favourite place for fish and chips in either Devon or Cornwall?

Darts Farm

4. If the sun was shining at the weekend what would you do?

Drive to Salcombe

5. Where haven’t you been to in Devon or Cornwall that you would like to?

Too many to list!

6. Where would you recommend for a lovely family meal in Devon or Cornwall?

Gidleigh Park

Where can you get a good cooked breakfast in Devon or Cornwall?

Lloyds Kitchen Exeter

7. Are there any good places off the beaten track in Devon or Cornwall?

Yes, but I’m not sharing!

8. What are the best tourist hot spots in Devon or Cornwall?


9. What’s your local pub like?

It’s like a house but with more chairs and sells beer and food!