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Why should I register my land at the Land Registry? What are the benefits?

If you wish to mortgage, sell, grant a lease enter into an easement or transfer title following a business restructure then it will always be necessary to check title to the property.  It is advantageous to have a registered title as if the title is unregistered then the title will need to be traced back.  Sometimes there are as many as three or four generations of ownership to be investigated and often there are old conveyances, missing documents and poor quality plans.  Missing documents and poor plans can cause serious delays in the completion of transactions.  Registration can also avoid anyone else claiming ownership of your land.  If anyone is trying to claim ownership of your land, this may be uncovered during the registration process.  Clearly, if your land is not registered the Land Registry cannot warn you of anyone else trying to claim rights over your property.  Registration of land can also resolve any boundary issues.  If you wish to undertake voluntary registration of your land at the Land Registry a reduced fee will be payable.  Anyone with doubts about how registration could impact on problems such as missing deeds or existing boundary disputes should seek legal advice.

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