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I have whistleblown and am now being treated badly by my employer – what should I do?

Firstly gather evidence without breaking the law or committing disciplinary offences and take diary notes of the treatment while it is fresh in your mind. We recommend taking advice from our specialist employment team at an early stage.

If what you have disclosed fits one of the whistleblowing categories then you have the right not be subjected to ‘detriment’ by your employer.

If you believe you have been dismissed after having blown the whistle, you may be able to pursue an unfair dismissal claim.

Other examples of ‘detriment’ (if you haven’t been dismissed) might include: failure to promote you, denial of training, bullying, victimisation, or overly close monitoring of your work.

Actions we may recommend include bringing a grievance, negotiating to leave your employment or bringing an Employment Tribunal claim. We know this is an area where you will feel exposed and can offer you sound advice and support on how best to proceed.

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