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How can I manage Stress in our workplace?

Stress is a term that often gets misused and over used, but in the legal sense you should be aware of the definition used by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE): “an adverse reaction experienced in response to external pressures or demands” – although it is not an illness it can lead to mental or physical illness.

Employers have a duty of care to provide a safe system of work by law. As an employer, if an employee brings concerns to your attention, particularly where they state there is a danger to their health, you must act.

You should ensure that line managers are trained to deal appropriately with any issues raised directly with them. Hold a meeting with an employee to listen, to understand their concerns, and any support they may be seeking from you.

There are various causes of stress at work, but once identified to you, you will need to assess relevant factors to take effective action to remove the stressors, where possible, to prevent a repetition or impact on the employee. Stress risk assessments are likely to be part of this. Our team are experienced in advising employers in this regard.

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