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Do we need to provide contracts for our employees?

As soon as an offer of employment has been made and accepted, a legally binding contract will exist between the parties.  That new employee should then be provided with, as a minimum, a written statement of terms and conditions within two months of starting employment.  That statement will need to include details of the employee’s pay, hours of work, holidays, sickness, pensions and notice provisions.  You may also want to include additional terms relating to their duties and responsibilities, company property, confidentiality and post-termination restrictions.  In addition to any express written terms, there are certain terms that will be implied into the employment relationship as well.  It is important for both parties that there is clarity and certainty as to what is expected of each of them, not only to set out the basis on which the employment relationship will operate day to day but also the basis on which it may come to an end.

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