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When should I take advice about my separation or divorce?  This is a question that many people facing the breakdown of their relationship will be concerned to know the answer to. The end of relationship brings lots of uncertainty and change. Understanding the legal implications of its breakdown may not at first seem like a priority, until you realise just how many of the uncertain areas it touches upon and just how much clarity good legal advice can provide.

If you have children, for example, you will want to know your rights in respect of them. You might be keen to understand what arrangements can or should be made for the time you each spend with the children or with whom they should be living. You might want to know how much you need to put aside or should expect to receive in child maintenance and what your obligations are to your former partner or spouse.

In terms of financial issues, you might be uncertain where you are going to live and how you are going to afford this. You may be concerned over the control you are going to have over the assets each of you have and whether they should be sold, transferred or if something else needs to happen. You will be mindful of the need to deal with maintenance entitlements in an appropriate way.

The timing of the separation can also prove crucial. You will want to know that you are not falling into any particular traps arising from separating at a certain time of the year.

These are all questions that an early consultation with a family solicitor will help you with. The sooner advice is sought, the better informed you will be.

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