anxiety coming out of lockdown

Feeling anxious about coming out of lockdown? Abi Holmes from Counselling Connection offers some tips as we step into the ‘new normal’.

Lockdown has affected us all in different ways. After being stuck indoors, unable to see friends, family, anyone, the easing of restrictions should be an exciting prospect, right? Not for everyone.

For some, coming out of lockdown is a great relief but for others, the feelings of worry, confusion and anxiety may creep in with the prospect of “returning to normal”.

We may feel guilt or shame for not feeling excited and happy about the changes and worry that we are not “normal” for not feeling like we want to embrace them.

How to deal with anxiety about coming out of lockdown

Go at your own pace

It takes time to adjust and adapt to a new way. Give yourself the time.

If you feel ready to do something that the lifting of restrictions now allows, then great, but it’s also ok to not want to yet. Listen to you and trust you in this.

Remember, we are all different

We can spend a lot of time worrying about what other people may think of us and perhaps compare ourselves to them unfavourably. Try to remember that we are all different, unique, and that what works for one person, maybe completely different for another and that’s ok. Accepting that about yourself and about them can be truly empowering.

No one is wrong or right. We are simply us, with our own feelings, thoughts, and way of being.

New realisations

Covid has impacted us all. We have very probably had to alter our lives to adapt to new routines. What have we learned from these new ways? Maybe you found new ways of communicating, new hobbies, a new way of seeing things like nature or your community. How can these new things become your “normal” now?

Be kind to yourself and take tiny steps into your new “normal”.

If you’re struggling with anxiety or would just like to speak with someone about what you’re currently experiencing, you can find out about Counselling Connection here. Abi and Lisa work with our Family team to help support clients going through difficult times.