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Whilst platonic co-parenting is not necessarily a new term, the concept is gaining more ground but what does it actually mean?

What is platonic co-parenting?

The term co-parenting refers to a situation whereby two parents share the duties of bringing up a child and work together for the benefit of that child. This term usually refers to parents who have separated or divorced following a romantic relationship together or marriage. But what if the parents were not and had never intended to be in an intimate and or romantic relationship? In these circumstances, the parents are referred to as platonic co-parents.

How does it work?

Platonic co-parenting arises when two parents actively decide to raise a child together, but the relationship between them is purely platonic. A platonic relationship is one not categorised by romance or intimacy. The parents could be friends for example. The parents often decide to live separately, but sometimes they co-parent under the same roof. This idea is said to be well known amongst the LGBTQ+ community, however it is gaining track more widely. There are matchmaking apps out there which open up the door for prospective parents to meet other prospective platonic parents or sperm donors.

What can we do?

If you are finding yourself in and amongst the rise of platonic co-parenting, whether you are heading down this route or are already in a co-parenting relationship, you may have questions about how it works legally. If so, our Children team can assist and advise on these matters.