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Employee Owners Knowledge Sharing – Expectations of Ownership
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We are now closer to the 2024 EOA conference than we are to the 2023 one, which means that our collective of employee owners – who meet to share insights and start conversations – must be at it’s 6 month anniversary!

To celebrate, and to reflect on all of our EO journeys, the June knowledge share is going to take the focus of ‘Expectations of Ownership’. What does it mean to be an employee owner? What new responsibilities do you now have now that you own something? And how do these change and evolve over time as your business and people grow?

Reflecting on these questions can help to reiterate what EO is to your business, and to help reorient the business as it moves forward.

We will facilitate knowledge sharing through an introductory group scene-setter and then smaller breakout rooms.

Join us for our informal knowledge share if you are an employee trustee, on an employee council, an employee owner, or from an employee-owned business with a vested interest, question to ask, or best practice to share.

Should you sign-up for our knowledge share we’d also like to invite you to join our private LinkedIn group where you can pose and answer questions on a more frequent basis.

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