Modern building using green construction ideas to increase temperature control efficiency

Green construction isn’t about providing areas of flora and fauna as part of a build, but ensuring that the build itself is completed in a way that’s sustainable, using fewer resources, minimising waste, and limiting environmental impacts.

Green construction

For those involved in the sector, the Construction team at Stephens Scown can help provide support to ensure that all stakeholders work together so that projects do the least environmental harm possible. The team do a lot of work with developers and contractors to help with the goal of achieving more sustainable ways of building.

Passive House standard

The team have experience of working with clients who are interested in building properties to the Passive House standard, which is about the energy efficiency of a building, reducing its carbon footprint and leading to ultra-low energy buildings which need little energy to help heat or cool the space. It applies to both commercial and residential buildings and is a way of achieving a very low carbon footprint for the premises.

Embodied carbon

However, the carbon used when a building has been built and is being used isn’t the only factor to consider. It’s also about embodied carbon, where knocking down a building and rebuilding something new isn’t always the best option, even if the end result uses less energy. That’s because the amount of energy and resources used in the demolition and rebuild can be quite considerable.

That’s why talking to the team at an early stage can help you understand all available options before any work begins. We can help you when considering the environmental impact of the work and ensure that provisions are included in any contracts that ensure that sustainability demands are met. We can also work closely with project managers to see that what is built is in accordance with the high specification and environmental standards required.

If you would like to discuss options for sustainable construction, please get in touch with our Construction team. Then, when you’re ready to commit and begin the work, the team can support you so that all your contractual obligations are clear and structured in a way to allow you to achieve your aims.