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Our UK 2022 gender pay gap report

Our mean Gender Pay Gap is getting smaller

The mean gender pay gap at Stephens Scown has reduced by 0.5% from 33.5% (2021 report) to 33%, while our median pay gap has risen by 5.1% from 41.4% to 46.5%. Our median bonus pay gap remains at 0%, while our mean bonus gap has increased to 13.9% from 6.1% (2021 report).

The number of women on our Board remains high at over 50% – this is well above the average female representation on the Boards of FTSE 100 companies which is currently at an average of 40% according to data published in a new report by the government-backed FTSE Women Leaders Review.

As with many other legal and professional services firms, the main contributing factor for the remaining gap is due to the high proportion of our colleagues in our administrative roles being mainly women, and these are among our lower paid roles, however, our data also shows that we are paying men and women equally for doing similar jobs across all levels.

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