Last week I had my second opportunity to attend TEDxExeter on behalf of Stephens Scown and was once again inspired by all the emotional and humbling talks.

All of the speakers were brilliant, but if I had to pick just a few, then the first would be Thore Graepel, research group lead at Google DeepMind and chair of machine learning at University College London.

Thore gave some mind blowing information about artificial intelligence, some of which was used in developing the AlphaGo computer program. I thought how much my son would have enjoyed Thore’s talk about robotics and programming, which was absolutely amazing. During the break, I was able to meet up with Thore and pick his quite frankly immense and impressive brain.

I also had a chance in the breaks to visit other stands and have some great conversations including chatting with an entrepreneur who had set up Escape The Classroom, who gave me a Travel Survival Guide and Ciara Eastell, Chief Executive of Libraries Unlimited, about how to start and grow a business with the help of their free workshops.

The afternoon’s awe-inspiring speakers didn’t disappoint either. My second stand out talk was beat-boxer SK Shlomo who discussed his mental health issues and how social media actually helped him through, which I found especially poignant considering the recent suicides of four young men in Exeter. Shlomo’s talk reminded me that we really do need to encourage talking, sharing and clearing away the stigma attached to men who are suffering feelings of worthlessness or are panicking or scared about the future.

TEDxExeter once again was emotional, inspirational, humbling, informative and highly recommended.