Raising finance from your property


A large number of people either mortgage, remortgage or take out second secured loans on their homes.  Many choose to use the Bank’s own solicitor to save time and cost but this can result in your case becoming one of many without having one point of contact where the caseworker does not have the local and specialist knowledge to deal with your deeds.

We ensure that :-

1. Your case is dealt with as quickly as possible

2. You will always have a main point of contact

3. There is additional support if they are not available.

Remortgaging your home is not as simple as filling out a few forms the lender will require us to:

1. Check the title in the same way as if purchasing the property

2. Carry out searches as those carried out when you bought are considered out of date

Equity Release

These lifetime mortgages offer homeowners – typically aged 50 or older – the opportunity to get cash from their home without having to move out. We are able to advise you on all areas related to equity release from your property.

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