Fixed fee divorce

A fixed fee divorce or dissolution is a good option if your divorce is uncontested i.e. agreed with your spouse, because it gives you benefit of knowing what your divorce will cost.

We offer a fixed fee divorce service in appropriate cases which involves advising you on each stage of the process and progressing and dealing with all necessary documentation as the divorce moves forward. We will also liaise and negotiate with your spouse or their legal advisers.

First steps

The first step will be to meet with you for an initial appointment to discuss the process and options available. Provided your case is suitable, we can offer two fixed fees options, depending on whether you are the Petitioner or the Respondent in the divorce. The fixed fee service includes preparing, drafting and filing all of the required documentation to start, progress and conclude the divorce, if it is undefended. We will also advise you on whether the divorce costs should be divided between you and your spouse or how else they might be dealt with.

What if we can’t agree

If your case is not suitable or you and your spouse are unable to agree how to progress the divorce, we can advise you on the other charging arrangements we can offer to you. Court fees and issues regarding children or finances will not be covered in the fixed fee. We are more than happy to discuss the basis upon which we charge in an initial meeting with you.

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