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When a couple separates, whether they are married or not,  it is often the resolution of financial matters for the benefit of their children that a couple will find most difficult. We can help you find the most appropriate method to achieve the best outcome for you and your children in a practical and cost effective manner. How this is achieved will depend on whether you were married, or not, but there are options available either way. 

Our family law solicitors advise not only married couples on their financial claims on divorce, but also unmarried couples on the financial provision that can be obtained on separation for the benefit of the children of the family.  We advise clients regarding the powers of the court to order:

  • lump sum payments
  • periodical payments (income)
  • secured periodical payments
  • the transfer or settlement of property

We can also give guidance regarding the level of maintenance that the Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission (formerly the Child Support Agency) may award.

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