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Start your Trade Mark Process

Apply to register your trade mark online.

When it comes to trade marks, your business is in safe hands with us. Our specialist IP team combines chartered trade mark attorney knowledge with commercial acumen, and Stephens Scown is one of the UK’s leading trade mark filers¹.

Trade marks made easier with dedicated expertise

Every business is different, with its own unique needs and ambitions – and accordingly, every trade mark application deserves a review by experienced experts before submission. Based on our initial checks and your business’ requirements, we’ll provide you with a tailored estimate to fully process your trade mark registration.

You probably want to act fast to protect your intellectual property, so we aim to respond to your application within one working day.

Monitoring protection of your brand – it’s on us

As your business grows, so too should the protection of its identity and trade marks. A lot can happen in a year, so we offer an annual review for all online applications – at no extra cost.

With us, the trade mark application process is simple and straightforward. Start now by completing the form below.


¹ The rankings for the Top Trade Mark Filers are presented annually by CITMA, the Chartered Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys.


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Please give us details of the mark you would like to register. You can obtain protection for a word mark, a logo, a sound mark, a shape mark, a colour mark and a smell mark. If your mark is a word mark or your mark contains word elements, please enter the details here and upload your logo.
For all other types of marks, please contact our trade marks team on 01392 210 700.

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I declare that I use the mark or have a genuine & bonafide intention to use the mark in the course of trade.

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