Every business will own copyright.  Copyright arises automatically when you record your ideas in a tangible form and enables you to prevent other people from copying the expression of those ideas.

Copyright is everywhere you look.  It exists in software, websites, presentations, marketing materials, manuals, art, media, photographs, music and literature.  It is not only the lifeblood of the creative industries, but an intrinsic right that protects the creativity of any individual or business.

As a business, it is important to ensure that you do not infringe another person’s copyright, and where possible, copyright is assigned to your business so that it forms an asset of the business, which in turn will determine the value others see in your business.

Our intellectual property team is experienced in advising on the issues which copyright owners face, including licensing, infringement, evidencing ownership, assignments and secure storage of materials. For example, we offer a secure storage service for any copyright works across all our offices at a fixed annual fee to assist in proving the ownership and date of creation of your work.

The range of businesses we advise reflects the way in which copyright touches on every walk of life.  We have extensive experience of advising businesses in all industries including software developers, design agencies, website developers, publishers, architects, service industries (such as training and recruitment) and, of course, the creative industries.

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The team at Stephens Scown were brilliant, they identified the importance of me doing something to protect my company’s assets, and then went on to develop the best practical solutions to balance the needs of security with business practicality.  I have enjoyed working with them.

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